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The Plummies

Plummies are the writers of the plum.Here's a list of them all so far! We always welcome new writers into our circle, so PLEASE, write an episode or two....and join! Some writers have submitted personal profiles. If someone's name is a link, click on it to see their profile. 

  1. tyrsia
  2. Kitty Brew
  3. Nexis
  4. Pandora (Pansy)
  5. James Dean
  6. WulfCry
  7. Linx
  8. W.W.
  9. Gutsygrrl
  10. Diniecita
  11. Psycho B*tch
  12. Prysm
  13. Smurfette
  14. Blue Violet/Violet Blue
  15. The Great Dweezildeeny
  16. Porphyra
  17. Crazy Daisy
  18. Starlet
  19. Queen Vera
  20. Stake
  21. Rat Gal
  22. Antigone Inabinet
  23. Lucy Skye Diamond
  24. Pretty In Pink Barbie
  25. Foster
  26. Verdantelyah
  27. The Shadow
  28. Peter Pan
  29. Amber
  30. Andrew MacKinnon
  31. Drill Sergeant
  32. Rainchild
  33. Artsoft
  34. haunter_uk
  35. Bob
  36. Jonah
  37. rakovsky
  38. Flame's Song
  39. Linariraeth
  40. Flaming Hammer
  41. M&M
  42. Jia
  43. Rebekah
  44. Bobbrt2002
  45. Dr CJ
  46. Nocturnias

Note: If you are a writer and you want your name to be a link to your profile, please send me your profile by either emailing it to theplum@go.com or filling out our EZ profile form at formmail.to/plummies