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Tips for Writing Episodes

If you want to write an episode, and you want to be published, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. For email: Send files as copy and pasted plaintext on your e-mail, or an attached text (txt) file.
  2. For the form: After you write your episode, highlight it and choose Edit/Copy to copy it to the clipboard before you send it.  That way, if there is an error, it is easy to send again.
  3. If you want a special background color or text color for your episode, just specify it in your e-mail or in the comments section of the form. If you have a particular background file you would like your episode to have just attach it to the e-mail or provide a URL in the comments section. If you provide a URL, I will download the file (provided it's not too big & I can legally do so) and upload it to my site. I do not hotlink.
  4. Make sure to give the episode number you are adding on to and the choice that should lead to your episode.
  5. Unless there's something like a flashback, use the present tense. Also, do not switch from the second person (you) without some logical reason to do so.
  6. If you don't include your name, your episode will be considered anonymous. If you do include your name for my benefit, but wish to remain anonymous, just say so in the comments section. Also, I will only link your email address to your name if you ask me to do so or check the box that says you want a name link.
  7. I reserve the right to make grammatical changes to your work, but I won't change your actual words (except something like changing tense) without your permission.
That's about it! I'll add more tips if I think of it (or if anyone gives me any bright ideas). Oh yeah! Obviously, don't write anything perverted or X-rated, puhleese! If you do it won't get published. =) Thank you!

Don't forget! It's http://formmail.to/eatplum or theplum@go.com! E-mail me your episodes soon! The plummies eagerly await new fruit!

Love ya!
~Kitty Brew =^..^=