The bullet pain rips and sears through your heart.  Thump thump and that is it.  Your life is over with one huge terrifying burst of extreme pain as your soul is ripped forcefully from your body.  This is no peaceful way to die! Then, suddenly, there is nothing.

You are dead.   Or the you that was is dead to the living people.  You feel you have just awoken!  You have no body--no physical existence, but that is how it always was.  You are already forgetting what you once knew as life--it's fading into oblivion.

You are alone.  How much more alone could you be?  There is no distance or time or anything physical to measure your lonesomeness, but you know it.  You wonder if you are the Only One.

You are free.  You realize that conscioussness is a very powerful thing. You can create any number of lives such as the one before--or very different!

You exist, and existance is POWER!!!  You touch you feel you taste you hear you sense you do whatever you want you are dead YOU ARE ALIVE!

Now you need only to make a decision...

By:  tyrsia

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