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You look around at the utter and total darkness that has surrounded you. As you look at a familiar face you soon realize that it is your mother, and all your emotions come rushing to your head so fast you fall over. When you get up, the emotions--Love,Joy,Happiness, and pure bliss--that you recieved from your mother are surrounding you. You realize that you are being born! You never remembered this. It must have been deeply embedded into your subconsciousness where you never ventured much.You look deeper into your life to see you are growing and starting to walk now....and that you were a cute thing....anyways.

You see your Christmas that you shared with your great Aunt Mildred and Uncle Frank, they always gave great presents too! You see your first crush, and wonder what they might be doing now, as you realize that you think they might still be living. You can't even remember their name but still you can see them in the cavity of your mind. You see that car you wanted when you were 16 and then the one you got. You remember how your best friend got the one you wanted and it had engine failure that day and you stopped to help, even if you didn't know much! Still they were grateful you cared. You see you first date at 17 and wondered if they still think of you now that you are gone from their world. Although you really don't care now. as you memory gets stronger you see more of your relatives and they are all smiling, even your dad who never smiled much is now smiling in your memory.

You suddenly remember the pain that was caused to you when you were younger and how you never really got over the fact of loosing your friend when he got hit by the train that day. You remember crying for hours on your bed and not coming out for days, because you finally realized that Keith was a special friend and taught you alot of things, especailly when you were mad! You see your best friends who went off to another college and somehow managed to forget about you until your wedding, when you sent the invitations. Pain, love, Sorrow, Death, Life: you realize that these are the things that make life great--these things are what you miss about your former life--and you hope that this one is as good as the last one...........

By: Diniecita

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