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You realize your powers and just maybe you can create new life. Maybe a friend or a child to bless your new existance in this strange new world.  You decide to seek out to see if there might be more "people" like you. you seek to find if other "people" ,if that is what you are still, are here in your world or if they have thier own worlds. you walk out to what you think is the outer edges of the "world" and you see a purple tree in the middle of everything, it is the most beautiful tree you have ever seen. In the middle of your dark void their is light enougn for you to see that the tree is huge and beautiful. Maybe it will lead me to someone.But first........ you summon all your pain,hurts,love,joy,happiness,body,heart and Soul is thrown into this creation, and then you faint..................... when you wake find

By: Diniecita

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