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Plum News Archive

Here's an archive of all the Plum news flashes, from the beginning, just in case you missed any!  Read and enjoy!

5-8-03: Whew! I've finally finished the huge reformatting of the entire site! You like it? Use the comments form to let me know what you think, please! The Plum is now complete through episode 258. There's some more profiles on the plummies page, and if you are on the mailing list you'll know that I'm taking suggestions on reformatting the profiles to allow for additional shameless self-promotion by individual authors. So, talk to me! And don't forget to keep writing!

2-18-01:  The Plum has once again been updated!  Episode 200 is finally up, and we have extended from episode 218 through 224.  Also, our email address has changed from homebrew11@hotmail.com to theplum@go.com so please make note.  Thank you.

3-29-00:  As you may have noticed, I updated the welcome page with lotsa correct information.  Now the Plum has not only a nifty form for epsiode creation, but one for comments and one to send in profiles.  Also, the Plum now has a guestbook!  Make sure to leave your mark by signing it!  And I will no longer collect all the previous news flashes on the welcome page.  They are now tucked away safely in a News Archive, where you can view them at your leisure.  Oh yeah and there's two new writers on the writers page!  There's new episodes too!  Look for them!

1-21-00: I did three big updates today:

  1. I added new episodes, including the first actual password protected episode. You can get to it from episode 177, but you have to know the password! Hint: You can find the passwords in other episodes, and the hunt starts on episode 60.
  2. I made the ads embedded instead of pop-up, and I added the quizlet above, so YOU can tell me what you think about those embedded ads.
  3. I added the NEW eat the Plum form so you can easily add new episodes...even without email!
Do you like? Let me know! You can still email me at homebrew11@hotmail.com or the new EZ to remember plum@dalecomm.net and let me know!

11-30-99: Okay, I added a bunch of new episodes! I added episodes 180-190 minus 182 (coming soon). Stay in touch, because I will have a Plum guestbook, an updated episode guide, and a survey to vote on how to do the new passworded episode up very soon! Not to mention, I have lots more episodes to type!

10-22-99: Wow! I just added episodes 152-179 and they are introducing a new feature! Password protection! There is a continuous story going on in these episodes, and as a reward for reading the correct episode, one where you find an artifact, for example, you get a password! Later in an episode where you need that artifact, you will be asked if you have it or not. If you answer yes, you will have to provide the password to prove that you have the artifact. This adds an adventure game feature to the Plum! If you want to include passwords, or any other cool thing you can think of, in your episode just tell me when you e-mail me the episode. Send all episodes to homebrew11@hotmail.com

7-28-99: The final huge update of the Plum has just been completed!!! Now it is complete from episode 1 to episode 149!!! Enjoy the new episodes, and look for an updated Plum guide soon! Also don't forget to send your new episodes to homebrew11@hotmail.com!!!! Thanks!