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E-mail:  fire_rose9@hotmail.com

Age:  15 minus 6 weeks

Location:  North Carolina

Appearance:  I have really long blonde hair, eyes that change color whenver they feel like it, and glasses. (poor nearsighted little me). I'm about 5'2", so the little is no exageration.

About Me:  I LOVE to write, especially vamp stories and actually any sort of sci-fi/fantasy. I draw lots of little eyes and strange creatures all over my papers and drive my teachers insane with odd words in elvish, gaelic, and occasionally english mixed in with my little doodles. and in a a very short synopsis of the things that affect my worldview the most (these do apply to me.)- not exactly christian, sang/psi, some NC statutes SUCK, the world is not a perfect place.

Comments:  "No boom today. boom tomorrow. there's ALWAYS a boom tomorrow." (pause) "WHAT? SOMEBODY'S got to have some damned perspetive around here! one day, BOOM!" (mostly to self) "Boom. boomboomboom. BOOM"
~Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5

"I do hope nothing dreadful happens"(turns) "oh look. something dreadful"
~Galen, Crusade

~ the whole cast at one point or another, Red Dwarf