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E-mail:  tyrsia@hotmail.com

Home Page:  http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/7502

Age:  22

Location:  Physpra Forest

i am half-elf, half-human. i have waist-length flame-colored hair and pale violet eyes. i am very tall for a human, but about average for an elf (6'). i may be slight of figure, but i am strong and agile nonetheless.

About Me:
i carry a diamond-blade sword given to me by my true mother before she died. this sword has been passed down among my family's women for generations. my mother died  i was seven years of age, mysteriously poisoned. my human father abandoned me the same day. i shall always blame him for her death--and i hate him and his kind for it. humans are untrustworthy! after my father abandoned me i was adopted by Queen Lythia of the Physpra Elves. she taught me how to use my blade and how to live as a true elf. i am ever grateful to her for her teaching. for a while i went off on an adventure with my friends Luna and Lita. we freed the captive fairies from the human lady asonack, but later we drifted apart. i would love to see them again! i am currently living in the Physpra Forest and honing my skills with my sword and with elf magic.