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You are facing a pool beside a waterfall. The noise of it fills your ears and it spatters you left side with warm spray. You step out of range of the waterfall and look around you. You are facing a churning pool, which drains into a rushing stream off to your right that cuts violently through the placid, tree-strewn landscape. You feel cool, plush grass beneath your bare feet and look down to see it dappled with tiny white flowers. There is a deliciously beautiful aroma permeating the air, and you wonder if it's caused by the small flowers. In front of you, across the pool, is a thick forest and back a ways into the forest some kind of domed structure is peeking up above the trees. To your left, next to the waterfall, the rock face is rough and uneven, easily climbable if you stay away from the slick wet spots. You take a step, and your step is remarkably light--you seem to float for a moment before touching the ground, almost as if gravity does not quite have a grip on you. Behind you, more trees pepper the landscape, right up the edge of a sudden cliff drop, root systems extending precariously into the void, looking as if they will spill right over like the water down the waterfall.

By:  Kitty Brew

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