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You feel a tap on your right shoulder.  You spin around.  You see nothing but you feel a cool wind coming from the woods now in front of you.  It's more than a wind though because as it blows on your face and strangely no where else images come to your head, photographs of various frozen moments tumbled in a stack, no pile of puzzle pieces in your brain.  One piece stands out. It's just a glowing ball of condensed energy.  You stand there deep in thought for a short time, but suddenly your concentration is broken by a laughter coming form the woods.  A young girl emerges from the pitch blackness behind the trees.  She appears young, probably 14 or 15.  She has fair skin, purple shoulder length hair, three purple stripes running from her pointed ears down to her shoulders and possibly further.  Her eyes are an inhuman glowing violet color.  Her clothes are appropriate for her home, little more than a ragged dress-like cloth.  A strange purple glow is emanating fromher stomach.  She grabs some of the glowing energy with her hands.  She throws it at you.  It is very pretty coming at you.  If you thought it through you would probably move away from this glowing purple energy coming at you, but a feeling, an instinct tells you not to and your logical rationalized thinking doesn't argue.  The energy just washes over you like warm water penatrating every pore on your body and suddenly the sensations--wonderful sensations you haven't felt in a long time, some you dont remember ever feeling, and then, as soon as it comes it goes.  You look down at the girl and begin to ask her a question but she doesn't give you time.  She laughs again and disappears back into the woods.

By:  Linx

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