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You start walking towards the forest and you notice something strange.  The pitch black blanket of nothingness behind the trees is not retreating--it's just sitting there, cold and still, almost like it's frightened of you.  Too frightened to even flinch.  You notice that the happiness, the joy you felt when you entered this world have long since vanished.  Now you know how it feels to be more scared of something than it is of you.  You are now so close to it that your nose is touching the blackness.  It feels like cool liquid.  You are reluctant to enter it, however, you proceed anyway.


Images surround you--blurred images that make little sense.  "No."  That came from behind you.  You turn around.  "You musn't enter here with a negative mind."  It's the girl with the purple hair.  "This is what happened when the Kilar came her.  Before him we knew nothing of the chaotic outside world, the world of the monkeys."

"What are you talking about?" you ask, "Who are you?  Where is this place and why is it like this?"

"It is only like this because you make it like this.  Now just trust me when I say you have nothing to worry about.  Neither I nor any of my people have any wish to hurt you and you have nothing to fear from this place.  Now just trust me so I can answer your other questions."

By:  Linx

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