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You feel exhausted, and so you collapse in a pile on the soft velvety ground and go to sleep.

You are back in the portal, sounds drifiting in and out.  You hear a baby crying, screaming for its mother.  A gong sounds in the distance.  The roaring waterfall sound is there, but receding in the distance.  Thunder booms and you hear soft rainfall all around you.  Underneath it all is this whispering, these voices telling their secrets--but you can't hear them--not quite.  Just the whispering.  And now for a moment one is closer--then far away.  Then you hear a distinct whisper in your ear, "This is not your destiny."  You try to respond, try to follow it, but you have no control in this dark nothing.  The whisper grows faint, receding into the darkness.  Then another, louder voice is heard.  "Welcome to the darkness, my friend.  You have a long journey ahead of you, but remember we are always with you.  Anytime you have need of us, just signal."  The roaring waterfall is back now, getting louder and louder, drowning out the voice and all the whisperings.

You awaken with bright blue sunlight beaming into your eyes.  You feel a tickling on your hand and look to see a small ferret-like creature sniffing you.  It looks at you with its beady black eyes and makes some kind of squeal then runs back into the woods.

You sit up and look around you.  The clearing looks much the same as it did the night before, only now everything is bathed in this bright fresh blue light.  You go over to wash your face off in the pool and scare away a school of brightly colored fish.  Then you remember your dream.

What did it mean?  Were you really back in the portal or was it just a dream?  And what is that portal anyway?  How did you make it? You don't remember anything before that strange void.

Well, the day is before you.  You are rested and refreshed, and ready to explore.  But where to first?

By:  tyrsia

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