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You began to bounce lightly and slowly down beside the stream. The rush and bubble of the waterfall quickly fades as you make your way deeper into the soft undergrowth of what must be a virgin forest. You notice small fish the twinkle in rainbow colors popping up to swallow tiny spiders that glide across the surface of the water. The speed of the stream seems swift, yet the banks and vegetation don't seem badly affected by this. Every now and then you lose sight of the water, as bushes, trees and vines seem to hug the bank.

After traveling for some time you notice that the stream has slowly widened into a small river. Small rocks jut out and lizards and frogs lay out soaking up the last rays of the quickly sinking sun. Butterflies hover along the bank and rocks. You don't feel tired at all despite that you have traveled some distance. You notice that up ahead there seems to be an old wooden bridge not more the two feet above the water. What is really strange is that the bridge does not go straight across. It seems to bend at a right angle twice before meeting the other side. As you get closer you realize that there is path leading on either side of the bridge. Perhaps some one HAS been here.

By: Dr CJ
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