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You stop in the middle of the bridge and gaze down into the depths. The water is dark blue and very clean. A cool breeze suddenly sweeps over you. You feel relaxed and happy. There is the faintest sound of a voice in the air, as though it is being carried along by the wind. You listen intently. A few seconds later there is another breeze, only this one is much stronger. It whips at your hair and clothes and has faint scents of copper and tangerine. You hear the sounds again. It is unmistakable this time: it is a voice. And it is not being carried by the wind: the wind itself is the voice. It is hushed,sad,sweet.

"I feel your pain," the voice whispers. " There is much you do not understand. Come to me. Let me help."

  • Ignore the voice
  • Ask the voice who it is
  • Become frightened and/or angry

  • By:  Nocturnias

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