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You look deep into the ladybugs eyes and you see something familiar. You look at Clay, who seems to be exasperated. "Let's go!!" he cries. Which makes alot of people stop and stare. "Ken honey, you know I must have that dress...." you whine. After a few minutes the other mall people ignore you, and you have a sense that they have being doing this all of your life or, well, maybe your former life. So what difference does it make what you do now? Nobody will notice you anyways, right? You look into the Hot Topic. Everybody seems to be engrossed in shopping--Even KEN?? He has found somthing of interest and is engrossed in it. Does he even remember that you made him to be your friend? Oh well.

You look around one final time. Nobody notices really. You dig into your Prada bag and find a metal nail file. You stab into the amber. The little ladybug seems to be conveying not to spear him or all is lost. All is lost--who does this thing think he is? The saviour of the world? Hmm, that's a thought for a later time, you think. Back to the time at hand. As you pierce into the heart of the amber, blood starts running out, onto your nail file and into your fingernails, but more importantly it isn't stopping. Like a pierced heart it is flowing around you, onto you and all of your expensive things. The ladybug hops out of the amber and onto your shoulder. You scream, louder than you have ever screamed.

A security guard comes running down the mall hall. He sees you standing there looking at your bloodied hands. Although everybody has now noticed you, nobody notices the little ladybug who appears to be smiling at you. He calls for an ambulance on his walkie talkie. He seems to think that you are bleeding to death. You try to tell him your story, you try to tell him what just happened to you. He tells you that you are in shock and to be quiet. So you yell one last time, "KEN!!!"

By: Diniecita

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