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All of the sudden somebody in a black cloak vaults past you out of Hot Topic and at the security guard. He takes the security guard out in one blow and turns to face you. It is Clay! He's now wearing a long velvet black cloak, black pants tucked into boots up to his knees, a scarlet velvet poet's shirt and has his face painted a pale white with black lipstick and eyeliner.

"Clay?" you ask, in awe.

"Come now, you have powers as well as I," he says, making a sweeping gesture with his arm and causing the mall scene to disappear. You and Clay are in the void, but you are still covered in blood and he is still dressed up as goth-man. "There was no need for you to obey that mortal security guard," he continues.

"But Clay," you say, gaping, "What happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, just a couple hours ago you were a spineless pawn with no personality or identity to speak of, and nothing but my memories to guide you. Now you appear to have joined a highly individualistic and yet somehow cultish subculture of mankind, and you are manipulating reality with more skill than I have yet to master!"

Clay just continues to stare at you, and blinks.

"I mean, uh, you're different!" you cover.

"Ah, yes, for I have tired of the tyranny of normalness," Clay returns, gesturing melodramatically for emphasis. "But why ever are you covered in blood so?"

You start to tell him, but the lady bug on your shoulder starts to whisper into your ear. "He won't believe you. He's just a clone. He's not very smart, really. You should hold on to me, and leave him alone. You should let me take care of him."

By: Kitty Brew

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