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"Hmm well Ken, uhh I mean Clay, I really wanted that cute little dress and as for that party..." He glares at you. In a squeeky voice you mock your other self "It would be sooo much fun, and you promised you would buy it for me." you poke your perfect little pink lip out for all the world to obey you.

Suddenly you are standing in front of a store called hot topic. You look at Clay "What do you think?" You don't really know about this store, as the doors are rusted irongate with pieces of amber stuck in the cracks. At closer examination you notice that small bugs are trapped in the amber. One of them is still alive and you can hear him talking in your head. :help me large one. I have been trying to get out of here for centuries. please set me free. They want me for decoartion. Won't you set me free?"

Obviously Clay can't hear the small bug which you now notice is a ladybug. He looks at you like you have gone mad."What's wrong Barbie? You want to go inside?" you look at the ladybug. You can't just leave her there....or can you??

By:  Diniecita

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