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You decide to travel with your new cool friend.  Both of you set off with no particular direction.  As you walk, you notice something.  Ohmigosh!  You are walking!  Somehow in creating Clay you also created a body for yourself.  You look down at your perfectly shaped long plastic legs, feet molded into hot pink high heels.  You have a 3 inch waist and a 6 inch plastic bust.  Your body is encased in a hot pink velvet mini dress.  You find yourself strutting stiffly along a sparkling sidewalk.  "Oh Ken, let's go to the mall!" you exclaim in a voice that is not your own.

Clay's neck turns stiffly to look at you and he looks as if he's about to tell you that his name is not Ken, but instead his face hardens to an empty smile and says, "Okay Barbie!  I'll buy you a new outfit!"

"Oh thank you Ken!" your strange othervoice says.  You and Clay move stiffly down the sidewalk and into a glittery mall that pops into existance.  In one of the stores you see a simply dazzling dress!  It has a dark rose-colored velvet bodice and a flowing light pink skirt covered in little stars.  The sign on the dress says the stars glow in the dark.  "Oh Ken!  Buy me that!" your othervoice says.

"Okay," says Clay, "You'll look great at the party tonight!"

That's when you start hearing voices.  A faint otherworldly voice floats through the air.  "Rachel, Stephanie!  Stop playing Barbies now its time for dinner!"  Suddenly you swoon and fall heavily to the floor.  Your plastic body seems to melt into flesh and the mall starts to swirl around you and fade away.

"Are you alright?" Clay is bending over you and looking into your face, concerned.  The mall-world is still swirling and swaying drunkenly--fading away.  Clay and you seem to be the only stable things.  Then the mall-world fades completely, and it is you and Clay and the purple tree in the void again!  "Are you alright?" Clay asks again.

You sit up dazedly.  "I'm fine.  What just happened?"

Clay helps you up and says, "I have no idea, Barbie."  You look at him sharply and see that he is teasing you.

"Well, Ken," you say exaggerating the Ken, "What should we do now?"

"I don't know," Clay says, "You brought me into existance--you decide!"

By:  Pretty in Pink Barbie

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