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You figure you can help the bug later. Now it's time for shopping! You grab Clay's hand and drag him into the store with you. The shelves and walls are filled with with gothic and punk clothing. A white faced, black haired lady asks you if she can help you find anything.

"No," you say, "I'm just looking around"

Now where was that dress with the glowing stars? This doesn't seem to be the same shop. Something pink on the wall to your right catches your eye. You move closer. It's a hot pink t-shirt with a picture of a plastic doll just like you used to be on it. It says I'm a Barbie girl! across the front. Cute! But that's not what you are looking for.

Clay seems to be getting impatient. "Are we going to shop forever?" he asks, but you suspect he already knows the answer. After all, he is imbued with your memories. He knows that you love to shop. Or do you? Come to think of it, you used to live in some kind of void, didn't you? And you don't remember your life before that. So how did you know that you love to shop?

Oh well. The mall awaits you. You can ponder your existance later. Clay wanders off to look at the leather pants, and you continue to browse the t-shirts. Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Muppets...all these cute kids show t-shirts! But no dresses.

By: Pretty in Pink Barbie

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