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The security guard has called an ambulance and they are now loading you onto the gurney. You are screaming that you are alright, but nobody seems to be listening to you. They are all worried about your 'vitals'? You wonder about this--as you are in a plastic world turned real. You are riding along in the ambulance when the nurse suddenly strips all of her clothes off onto the floor. You notice that she has what appears to be painted on underwear. She opens a drawer and puts on a light pink sundress. The ambulance stops and she opens the doors and gets out, and procedes to get into a red ferrari. Strange you think to yourself. The other workers unload you and wheel you into the hospital--at a very rushed speed. They bring you into a room where it looks like everybody is bleeding to death or their limbs have fallen off. They hook you up to a monitor and all become hysterical! They run down the hall and run back with lots of other people. You look around at them, you hear murmurs of, "Incredible!" and, "How is this possible?"

You look at someone who appears to be their leader and ask "Where is Ken?" He looks at you like you are an alien, and responds "I am Ken and so is he," pointing at other males in the room, "and so is he, and him there and over there by the candy machine, which I think is very marvelous to have here as I get so hungry taking care of everybody." You really don't know what to think of this alternate reality. Suddenly you remember. "Clay?"

They all take a step back. You sit up and they gasp. You feel like you are in a bad horror movie. You sigh. You get up out of the bed and pull all of the sticky tubes off your body. You look at them and say:

By: Diniecita
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