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You sit up and pull the first ken down to your level. Looking him straight in the eyes, you yell, "I'm already dead you moron!!!" He tries to jerk away from you, but you keep a tight hold on his tie. You let him go and he flies into another makeshift table, where the "doctor" is trying to refasten somebody's legs. The nurse is putting her blue heels on because those white ones they gave her were so last season, and she sure did get aggravated at this ken person for bumping her. As he starts to explain, you grab your shirt and run out of the strange hospital. You look around and see Ferraris and Corvettes, mostly in hot pink or red. You jump into a convertible and look for the keys, but it just starts so you put it into gear start down the road. You wonder where Clay could have gone, and you see a huge hot pink sparkley mall.

By:  Diniecita
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