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You peer through your aqua-marine eyes and see that you are in a large pool in the center of the confined room. The water is salty and although the pool looks large, it is shallow and leaves no room to turn around in. You sigh and lay back look around you, and see, in a smaller cage to your left, surrounded by a miniature ball of golden light is a fairy; to your right in a large cage suspended from a chain attached to the ceiling is a satyr that stood up to about 5 ft high. It's ingrown horns protruding from it's head are faded with fuzz and the maybe once sparkling bluest eyes are a dull gray. In an even smaller cage in front of you a group of three elves, two of them female and one of them male, lay in the cage looking sick and quite frightened, their tall stature shadowed behind their hopeless gazes. And right beside you, is the most beautiful creature you have ever laid eyes on, the last of the legendary unicorns. Hunted for their mystical horns, they all died out. All except the one that stands before you, it's faintly glowing pure iridescent horn spiraling straight out of the middle of her forehead. Battered with bruises from the ropes that must have recently restrained her, this magnificent creature must have once glittered with pride and more wonder than could ever be imagined. This is terrible! you think to yourself. There must be a way out. But in the form of a mermaid, what can you possibly do???

By: Prysm

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