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You have to get out of this dungeon!  You begin to search for some sort of trap door in your tub.  You carefully feel around the floor for any cracks or irregularities.  Finally, you find it!  A hairline fracture down the center of the tub.  Now, how do you go about opening it?

Befor you can try anything, you feel a pair fo eyes boring tow hyoles into the back of yoru neck.  You roll over slowly to face the person looking at you.  It is a man, cloaked in black.  He stares at you with his dark ebony eyes.  You feel something akin to fear but not quite.  You're not afraid, but it's this other feeling washing over you, and it's much worse than fear.

As you face this man your hand brushes agains something on the floor beneath you--it's a button!  Perhaps it opens hte trap doors!  But then, who knows where those doors lead.  The may lead to soemplace dry--and you cannot live in a totally dry environment for over a day.

The man speaks.  "Who are you?" he asks, "What is your name?"

You swallow, not knowing what to do.  The man smiles.  He could truly be friendly--or your feelings could be telling you right.  What do you do?

By:  tyrsia

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