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Woe to thee, maiden captive, for thee hast made a dreadful mistake. Thee speakest thy name. Thee sayest, "I am a mermaid who doth swim the high seas, and I have been captured by the lowliest of men and placed in this prison."

The man looks at thee with evil in his countenance. "Thou hast given me thy name. Now I shall give thou thy place. Thy place ist here in this prison, where thou and all other magical creatures shall rot as all magic is robbed of the world. Ye shall die in this dungeon, and I, having stolen thy magic, shall live forever with all the magic of the world!" The man laughs and thee feelst thy magic being ripped out of thy throat. Thee should have heeded the warnings available and kept thy silence!

Now thee must watch as the man places some strange box on the ground and leaves the room. An unearthly clicking noise comest from the box. Then thee feelst a moment of extreme pain as the members of thy body are dislodged form one another and expelled into the void. Thou and all thy companions art dead, because of thy indiscriminate tounge!

(The End)

By:  Antigone

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