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You feel yourself being pushed backwards and down into a nothing.  Your conscioussness seems to shrink down--you're being closed in--confined!  There's no use trying to fight now even your will to fight is gone.  Your senses are returning and...

You stare up through the sea to the faint watery light above.  You can feel the water pressing in on all sides, but it is tolerable.  You're not breathing--but you feel fine, you get oxygen from the gills in your neck.  A school of fish swims above you, oblivious to your existance.  You flip your tail and rise up through them--towards the distant light.  You break the surface and take a deep gulp of salty sea air.  Your gills close up and camoflage themselves with your skin.

You heart a faint rustle in the waters behind you.  You whirl about to see a boat of men drifting towards you.  "It's a mermaid!" one man calls, "Capture her!"  The ships motor powers up and they are coming at you full speed!!!  You dive underwater, but feel youself being tugged towads their nets by the immense flow of water to their motor.  You struggle as hard as you can, but the force of it is just too great!  You feel yourself hopelessly entwined in their crude nets.

Then you are drawn painfully up to the boat.  The ropes are tight--cutting so hard that you are bleeding in places.  You feel yourself on the edge of conscioussness.  As you are hauled onto the boat you black out.

You wake up...

By:  tyrsia

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