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As curious as you are, the smell of water, strong now in your sensitive equine nostrils, is overpowering. Your thirst-parched throat tightens a bit as you gallop towards the oasis, loosening only after you have put your soft muzzle to the surface of the pool and have drunk deeply, making loud sucking sounds as the water passes through your lips. The water is cold and clear and satisfying, and you nicker appreciatively when you are done, your thirst slaked at last.

Just as you are about to lift your head from the pool, however, you notice something deep below the surface, its image shimmering in the moving currents of the water. You peer in for a closer look, but can't really make it out, except perhaps that it is very large, oddly shaped, and probably metallic.

"You can't go down there," a voice says in your mind. Startled, you turn to find another horse, this one black as pitch, standing several yards away. It looks at you and shakes its sand-caked mane, its eyes flashing gray and blue in the sunlight. "Welcome to Salhaara, stranger. But you know you shouldn't have come."

By:  Amber

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