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You decide to investigate the temple and drink some water afterwards. You amble off towards the building, hooves skidding just a little under the sand that you're not used to walking on. Come to think of it, you're not used to hooves at all! But you're excited and you keep going.

When you approach the building, you see that it is indeed deserted. You don't hear anything except the wind blowing. The sun is streaming in through all the windows so you can see almost as well as if you were outside. The walls inside are painted white and there are strange stains running down in some places, stains that look suspiciously like blood. There are broken clay pots and jars on the wooden floor, and bits and pieces of smashed up wooden furniture. You realize there must have been a big fight in this temple. You wonder who was fighting, and why.

As you walk through the room, you see a large piece of cloth in one corner. It is red and green and purple and looks very soft and thick. You realize it is a tapestry of some sort. There is a small lump underneath it in the upper left corner. It doesn't move, but you know there is something under there, something that was either unimportant, or hidden in the fight and never found. What do you do?

  • Ignore it: it's probably nothing but a broken piece of junk
  • Pull back the tapestry with your teeth to see what it is

  • By:  Nocturnias

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