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You knew the desert would be hot. But you didn't really understand how hot until you started wandering through it.

The sand burns beneath your feet, but your feet are very tough now because they aren't really feet at all but hooves. What might have given you blisters as a human only causes you a mild sting now. You feel swift and powerful. Your skin is a shade of gray that looks almost silver. You are a phantom in the sand as you break into a gallop. If anyone was in the desert with you and saw you, they would wonder if you were real.

But you are real, very real. And you are beginning to get thirsty. You slow to a walk and look around. In the distance to the west, you see an outline of palm trees. An oasis. It seems strange, though, that no sooner than you think of water that you see this. You start to wonder if it's a mirage. But it does seem so real...

A little closer, to the east, you see a large building. It is cut from dark brown stone and looks to be about twenty feet tall. It is very old and has fallen into a bad state of disrepair. It has a high domed roof that tapers into a point and windows without glass. There are symbols painted on it in green and white. It reminds you of a temple. It looks deserted. You're very curious; you've never seen anything like this before. But, you're also very thirsty.

  • Go west to the oasis
  • Go east to the temple

  • By:  Nocturnias

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