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You grasp a corner of the tapestry between your teeth. It feels warm and tastes of sand. You begin walking backwards, pulling as you go, and the tapestry moves with you. Soon you can see what was underneath it: a small lamp.

You drop the tapestry and go to the lamp. It's shaped like an oil lamp and looks as though it is made out of brass. Though everything else in this room has been broken or dented, it doesn't have a single scratch on it. There is no writing, no markings of any kind on it.

You wonder why it was left here. You now think more and more that someone hid this lamp here during a fight. But why? It's just a lamp, who would do that? Unless there is something special about it. But what? And how would you be able to find out?

  • You decide the lamp is nothing special and leave
  • You decide to study the lamp more closely

  • By:  Nocturnias

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