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"We have decided to give you a gift," James says, "This will help you defeat the Dark Vortex.  It is from what is left of our magic.  It is a weapon of Spirit."

The three elves turn together and clasp hands.  They close their eyes and chant unrecognizable syllables together.  Tyrsia raises her hands, and a blue translucent dagger solidifies in her grasp.  She hands the dagger to Porphyra and it lengthens into a short sword, taking on a purple hue.  Porphyra hands the sword to James and it legnthens again into a finely crafted translucent green full length sword.  Now all three of them hold it at once and it solidifies into gleaming silver, while at the same time reflecting all colors.  "Praise be to the Creator of all life!" they shout in unison.

James takes the sword and holds it out to you, bowing his head.  "My Maker," he prays, "Bless this weapon to your divine purpose.  Allow it not to harm anything but Evil, and allow it to only be used in Wisdom and not Wrath.  Your Glory is forever.  Amen."  He lets go of the sword and it hovers in the air.  He looks at the sword, as if he's talking to it and says, "Go to your master, Elthmri."

The sword floats slowly over to you.  You reach out and feel its smooth weight in your hand.  Also a curious warm tingly sensation runs from the sword's handle up your arm and throughout your body.  Before your eyes the sword brightens into a blaze of cool light and dissolves into your arm!

Tyrsia speaks, "The sword is within you now.  You may call for its help by calling its name, Elthmri."  You feel a tingle inside you as she names your new weapon.

Porphyra looks at you fiercely and warns, "Beware!  This sword is of Spirit and not Flesh.  You must not use the sword for selfish pursuits, nor may you use it in anger.  Let wisdom guide you when you use this sword."

You feel very excited about the sword, and try to thank the elves, "Wow, thank you so much for this gift!" you say.

James stops you.  "Do not thank us," he urges, "Thank the Creator who gave us our Magic."

You breathe a silent prayer of thanks to the Creator.  Now what?

Certain episodes are password protected.  If you get prompt: sword? enter the password: elthmri  Write it down so you don't forget!

By:  tyrsia & Porphyra

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