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You address the cage of elves.  "Hello," you say to them.  There is no response.  "Uh, hi, what's wrong?"

One of the female elves looks up at you with empty blue eyes.  Her bright red hair cascading down her shoulders seems dulled, as if covered by a layer of dust.  "'What is wrong?' you ask," she says in a sad but rich and beautiful voice, "I ask you an easier question.  What is right?"

You start to stutter out an answer, but the other female elf stirs.

She has deep purple eyes and long thick black hair pulled back to reveal her pointed ears.  "I can answer that question," she says in a deep, harsh, bitter voice.  "The answer is nothing!  Nothing at all is right.  And everything is wrong."

The male elf has seemed to be dozing off until now, but he suddenly rouses to look at you with his sad green eyes.  Of all the three elves, he appears to have the most hope in him, but he still looks dejected and sickly.  "Pardon the pessimism of my sisters," he says in a voice that was once rich and full but now cracks from lack of use.  "My name is James," he says, brushing a lock of chestnut hair out of his eye," and this is my sister Tyrsia," he points to the redhead, "and Porphyra," he gestures to the elf with dark hair and purple eyes.

"How do you do?" you reply politely.

James continues, "We are not really related, but we have adopted each other.  I am a wood elf, Tyrsia is a high elf from the islands, and Porphyra is a dark elf from the mountains.  And who are you?"

You tell James and his "sisters" who you are and how you got here, or what you can remember of it.  They listen to your story with passive, melancholy faces.

Tyrsia speaks again, "You have not yet been ravaged.  You still have hope."  She sighs bitterly, "Were that it were so for the rest of us!"

Porphyra looks at you with a violent gleam in her violet eyes.  "He will take you away soon.  He will interrogate you, perhaps try to seduce you.  He will steal your magic unless you can first defeat his.  You are the last to complete his collection, the last barrier preventing him from accomplishing his Dark Mission.  You must defeat him.  Destroy him!"  She turns and huddles in discussion with the other elves.  After a few minutes, they turn back to you.

By:  tyrsia & Porphyra

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