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You just can't resist!  Curiosity leads you to the cliff-drop.  You want to know what's over the seems so wierd how the trees just STOP.  You have a little trouble getting started--you find it difficult to adjust to this new gravity.  After tumbling over a couple times, you finally get it right and sort of "bounce" over to the edge.

You grasp onto a large tree root to keep your balance and kneel down to look over the edge.  You peer over...and are horrified!  There is nothing over the edge--NOTHING!  A great void that makes your head ache.  You can see the earth underneath the trees going strait down, with all the different layers of ground and beyond that--a void!

Suddenly the ground rumbles and shakes.  To your absolute horror you see the dirt being sucked out into the void, and feel your root being tugged on!

By:  Kitty Brew

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