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As you slowly glance around it's hard to make out any details. The room is dark with only the fire as the source of light. You look to your left and ther is a small table, round, with a pipe slowly burning. The source of the cherry smell becomes apparent. As you reach for the pipe, you notice you are wearing grey woolen robes. As you look down to see what else you are wearing, the one thing that sticks out is the long, white flowing beard. If you were to stand it would probably hang around your knees. You place your hands and begin to feel the beard, something you're not used to. You hear a creak on the floor behind you.

You attempt to stand and find that your knees and back complain. You realize that you must be very old. There is a figure behind the chair who you can't quite make out until you realize that you are wearing small spectacles, apparently for reading. As you bend your head to look over the glasses you see a woman, very young, carrying a tray. The tray is round and made of pewter. There is a crystal goblet and decanter with some murky liquid. You take off the spectacles and you realize that you actually can see the room, though still not very clearly. You are either in a small library, or large sitting room, as books of all sizes and shapes line the walls.

The woman seems a little startled. She approaches, offering you the goblet.

By: Dr CJ

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