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Mmm...the fire is so warm! And the smells so close your eyes and breathe deeply. How long has it been since you've actually smelled something? The void was so...void! You concentrate on the smells one at a time.

The woodsmoke is the strongest smell. It reminds you of another fireplace just like this one, in another world. You used to love warming yourself in front of the fire in the winter months. It was such a nice contrast to the bitter cold outside, but you'd always go back outside. You loved to play in the snow.

The burning cherries puzzle you for a moment, but then you realize...somebody is cooking cherry pie! Yumilicious!

A voice suddenly interrupts your reverie, "Pie's ready!"

You open your eyes to see a woman with honey-colored hair sweeping down to her waist. She is wearing a green checked frock and the most caring expression imaginable. She looks at you with a loving smile and kisses you on the forehead. She then takes your hand and beckons you to follow her.

By: Kitty Brew

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