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You can seek revenge, but not blindly. You must know what secrets this diary holds. You begin to read the spidery handwriting that could only belong to the dark monk. Wait! How do you know what the man who put you in that obsidian prison's handwriting looks like? Could it be?

Near the book is a pen and ink. You reach out with your newly formed hand and---wait! Hand? Before being sucked into that stone, you had no substance! You defiantly should read this journal and try to solve the mystery of your being. But first, you take the pen, and write a name across the top of the page. "Sebastian." The handwriting matches. You are he. But who are you, really?

You begin to read:

Day 1

My journey begins. The shamans have cursed the obsidian from Lorcan's dagger. I will find my otherself, and destroy him. Lorcan shall be avenged. The forces of darkness will no longer ravage the innocent. What happened to me should never have happened. It shall never happen again.

Day 20

I have returned to the monastery after many days journey. I have fought many battles, and slain many demons, but none yet have led me to my otherself. I know my search will not be in vain, for Lorcan's prophecy tells me thus. Still I fear it may be a long and arduous one. I shall replenish my supplies and spend a day in meditation before continuing my quest.

But where to begin? I had always imagined my otherself haunting me like a ghost clinging to its old home. But I cannot summon this creature even when I exert all of my will. It eludes me. No matter. I will examine Lorcan's old scrolls, the few that were not destroyed. Surely somewhere there is a clue.

Day 31

I have found him and trapped him in my dagger. The dagger now rests upon the altar. I am trying to find a way to destroy his evil spirit, but the shamans tell me that is not to be. They tell me that if I kill him, I kill myself, as he is a torn fragment of my soul. I do not believe him. He may be my spawn but he killed Lorcan, which I would NEVER do. He is not part of me anymore, and I would rather die than allow him to live.

For now, he is safe. He can unleash no more harm upon the world from with in his obsidian prison. However I fear his power. He may yet escape, if I am not wary. I must destroy him. I will continue to read and inquire until I find a way to kill him permanently.

You continue to read. The man describes various ways in which he attempts to kill you, but to no avail. You find yourself growing angrier and angrier as you read. You did nothing to this man! You would never have killed Lorcan, whoever he was. In fact, you had decided to be a nice spirit and this is how you are repaid? Finally, you reach the last entry in the journal.

Day 248

The time has come. I will begin the destruction ritual at twilight. The shamans tell me that I cannot complete this ritual without releasing the spirit. They fear for me. They say no one has ever done this ritual before that they know of. I believe it is the only answer. I and my otherself will both die. I will be avenged.

So he tried to kill you and you overpowered him? Or did he? What did happen in this room?

By: porphyra 13

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