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You are bewildered. How could this monk have thought you would try to kill Lorcan? Who has made him think this? And does he not understand that you didn't? That you haven't killed anyone? You haven't... have you?? Wait! Maybe you can communicate with him somehow! He is a part of you; after all, at least you think he is.

You close your eyes and concentrate. You hear a voice speak to you.

"Ah, Sebastian. I understand now. But there is much more to this than either you or I know. We must undo what has been done and become two from one."

"Who am I?" you cry. "Why am I Sebastian? I'm not Sebastian! I'm..."

Your voice trails off as you realize you do NOT know who you are anymore. You remember being trapped in the obsidian, breaking free with your force of will. You hunger for revenge against the very man who now shares a body with you. Everything was so simple for you earlier, so black and white. There was love and there was hate. There was injustice and there was vengeance. But now everything is gray. You can no longer tell anything apart. It is almost enough to drive you mad, but you are still strong and will withstand the pain. Somewhere there is a light and you will find it!

The monk speaks to you again. "We must hurry. There is a way to reverse what has happened. We must find the Scroll of Separation and use it."

You don't have any idea what he's talking about, and you tell him so.

"For us to become two beings again. I know now it was a mistake to want to kill you. We were both tricked by a higher force, and now we must make it right."

"I never killed anyone," you whisper. "I want to be good. I was a good spirit. I was..."

"You are Sebastian. And you are me. We are us. Come! The answer lies somewhere within this temple!"

By: Nocturnias

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