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Andrew will save me.  Cecelia opens her mouth and speaks, "Death."

The creature in the dark is disappointed at her cowardice.  "He will not save you.  I am sorry that I tried."  The female vampire is nonetheless gentle as she unbuttons Cecelia's blouse.  Cecelia mutters a protest but it is not heard.  Gently, the vampiress exposes Cecelia's pale breast to the darkness, kisses it, and bites in.  Cecelia's eyes close in surrender to the final pleasure.

As you watch she trembles and sighs.  When her life is almost gone, Cecelia whispers one name, "Andrew."  Then she is dead.

The vampiress starts and looks about.  "Who is there?" she calls out.  "Come, spirit, show yourself."  You realize that she is talking to you!  Somehow she sensed your presence, but should you make yourself known, and how?

By: porphyra 13

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