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Cecilia's verdant eyes glance from timid eyelid hideaways. Shadow darkness glides nearby. Closeness to Andrew melts away fear, but that hand enclosing her own suddenly slips away and she is sucked into darkness.

Closeness to Andrew is replaced by closeness to stranger. Unknown arms hold Cecilia immobile. Unseen fangs pierce her soft flesh. Darkness fades into darkness and Cecilia is washed away into a river of black.

Your conscioussness follows. Vacant observer as the story unfolds.

The stranger who seized Cecilia was not the being of anger you expected. The being of anger still lurks back there. The stranger is a creature of love.

Cecelia's eyelids unveil green. Darkness cannot yet be penetrated. Silky voice admires its jewl. Sweet voice caresses its captive. Female voice set free in the blackness. "I'm sorry to scare you, but you were in danger." Soft cadence lulls Cecelia awake. "Your husband is safe but his time will soon go. Get up Cecelia." And Cecilia wonders how the creature knows her name. "I offer you a choice. Death or undeath? You must decide now. The sun will rise soon. Your husband is safe for the morning, will be safe in the day, but tomorrow night your own danger wil befall him."

Cecilia is in torment. Timid aspen-leaf eyes shudder with the breeze. She knows little, has experienced less. Danger is unknown to her fortress turrets and drawbridge mind. Relationship with Andrew was safety and being without him is chaos. She is incompetent, unable to save Andrew. She is nothing--he should save her. Never a decision in her life besides what to wear, never a consequence at all and now this choice! What consequence? Cecilia breathes a word...

By: Verdantelyah

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