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You look out a window.  Instead of just stars, you find this glorius glowing nebula next to the ship.  It glows with a red-orange light, and little sparks of blue lightning are flitting around within it.

"Those are from the ionization," a voice behind you says.

You turn, startled, to look into the face of a dark skinned man with glowing green eyes and an afro.  " can see me?" you ask, finding to your surprise that your vocal chords do exist, and are in good working order--if a bit rusty.

"Yes, I can see you," the man says.  "You are one of them--the Nalkam.  I am a Br'ei.  Br'ei can see Nalkam."

"Nalkam?  But I don't even know what I am, how do you know?"

"Most Nalkam don't know what they are.  That is why we Br'ei can see you--to help you discover your true power."

You hesitate.  This guy is making no sense.  On the other hand, he seems genuineenough.  But how do you know what genuine is when you have no basis for comparison?

"Please don't be afraid," the man soothes, "My name is Kosha, and you are Selpalvek."


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