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"Wow!! This ship is awesome!" you say. You hear people coming: the sounds of nice shoes hitting the metal floor, and two voices. One is a of a middle-aged man who has smoked a lifetime's worth of cigarettes. The other is of a young woman, probably 24 or so. You feel the need to hide, but then you remember that they can't see you. So you just lean agianst the wall with your arms crossed and listen to their conversation:

Lindys (the girl): "Well, Stave, I'm not sure that we can go THAT far with this thing. We don't have much energy left, and the ship needs more plutonium compound if we want to make it half the distance. Plus, we've been out here along time. How many years...30? 40?"

Stave: "Yes, we HAVE been out here a while, but think of what else we can find! We have already found the Holi Grale of Kares, the most sought after archaelogical item for the past thousand years. When people know what have done, they will be after us to do all sorts of things, and you know that. We have to keep going so we can listen on the reciever to know what they know. It may take a while, I know, but we can do this. We have enough plutonium to get us to Herty. I have a friend there who can help out with the ship. We won't tell him anything about the Grale."

By:  Rainchild

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