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"Clay..." you realize as you say his name that now you too have a body, equipped with lips, a tongue, and vocal chords, among other things. You quickly look down at your hands and torso, affirming what you had already suspected: your body is the same here as it was before.

Do I have the power to change my appearance here, though, you wonder, just as I had the power to create Clay?

You decide to find out. Concentrating hard, you begin to imagine the skin on your hands growing darker, darker.... The air around your fingers begins to shimmer, but you quickly snap off your concentration. There will be time to play later, you suppose, but still, all of this was proving very interesting...

"Clay," you then continue, "where are we?"

He shrugs. "You created me. I know what you know. Based on your memories, though, I suppose it could be some sort of afterlife, or perhaps a graduated level of existence, or..."

You hold up your hands. "That's okay. I suppose any insight you offer at this point won't be any better than any insight I have myself."

"That may change as my experiences begin to diverge from your own," Clay offered helpfully.

You nod, and wonder silently to yourself just how much of you now exists in Clay. But for now, there are more pressing issues.

"Why don't we explore a little, then?" you suggest, looking back at the small patch of grass where the purple tree still waits, patiently. As far as you know, the tree is the only thing that exists in this universe. Unless...

"Of course. But perhaps you'd like to talk a bit first?" Clay cocks his head inquisitively. "I know how isolated you have always felt. Here is your chance to have a conversation with someone who truly understands."

He did have a point. With a sigh, you decide to...

By: Amber

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