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you look at the being and decide that the man is physically strong enought to fight him if he was prepared to. So you become him all of his feelings of love are now in you and all this is left of you is your soul which is waiting on you to return to your body, that you left lying on the ground. As the monster or being rounds the corner you push your wife backwards and she screams and runs into a door and peeks out from behind it. you hold the monster with your thoughts within you and tie him up in a rope and walk back to your body and get  in. when you
wake up the man is looking over you"What happened?" you ask them. "You blacked out in the steet and my husband fought that thing over there.....where did it go....?" she points behind her and looks back only to find that it left or dissapeared. "ok thank you" you tell them and go along on your journey to...where were you going again?....

By: Diniecita

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