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It is a dark, moonless night.  The chilly London air seems oppressive.  You feel isolated--you are watching this black London street but not a part of it.  You float closer and see two people walking hand in hand down one side of the street.  They appear to be newlyweds.

On the other side of the street someone--or something--is lurking.  It is watching the love-drunk couple with dark jealous eyes.  You sense its malicious intent.

You look closer at the newlyweds.  the lady has waist-length flame colored hair and flashing green eyes.  She is smiling and clinging to the tall happy man.  He is holding her like a precious treasure.  His deep brown eyes are focused only on her.

You look closer at the lurking creature.  He is shrouded in shadows and all you can see is these empty ice blue eyes staring out at the happy couple.  You feel bitterness seeping out of him.  As much love as is emanating out of the couple, even more hate is coming from this being.  Something is going to happen.  Someting bad is going to happen before the couple turns the corner and in your present from there is nothing you can do about it.

By:  Porphyra 13

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