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You introduce yourself to the lady with tentacles in her hair.

"Hello," she responds cheerily, "I'm Diniecita!  Welcome to the most wonderful, fun dungeon on Earth!"

You wonder at her apparent cheeriness.  "Why are you so happy when you're chained to the wall?" you ask.

Diniecita laughs.  "Chains?  Oh, you may see chains, but they're only noodles."  She chews on the chain attached to her right wrist, "See?  I can eat it right up and it's gone!  Mmm...  I love pasta!"

Is this lady crazy?  "Umm... it's still there," you remark.

"What?" Diniecita asks incredulously, "But I just ate it!  Gosh, it must be an incredible re-growable noodle!"  She laughs again.

Wow.  She's really weird.  You don't know what to say.  She seems to sense your hesitation and smiles at you.  "I know I'm chained to a wall, but there's no use getting all mopey about it!  I just try to have fun with what I've got.  It's a skill you should learn.  Humor can do wonders to your brain.  Besides, today, I have reason to be happy!"

"What is it?" you ask curiously.

"I had a vision.  You were in it.  You were swimming underwater and you didn't know which direction to go.  I could see farther than you, and i could see that to the right was an ambush, to the left was certain death, but strait ahead was salvation.  I am to tell you that salvation lies before you, though you cannot see it.  The vision told me more.  It said if you follow the ways of the Creator, on the path of Wisdom and Truth, you will be an instrument to deliver yourself and all of us from the evil grip of the Dark Vortex."  She slips back into silent contemplation, a serene smile on her face.

Certain episodes are password protected.  If you get prompt: vision? enter the password: diniswim Write it down so you don't forget!

By:  tyrsia

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