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The satyr takes a breath, and continues with his story.  "Sorrowfully, the Creator turned back to His ravaged Creation, and went about repairing the damages.  He decided to start anew, and create a new Creature.  And so, in six days, He re-made the Heavens and the Earth, and He created Man.  On the seventh day, He rested.  Man was different than any other Creature before.  He was sentient, thus higher than the animals, but had no magic, thus fell into place a little lower than the angels.  Another thing that was unique about Man is that he was created in the image of the Creator.  In place of Magic he was given Art, a blurred reflection of the Creator's own Creativity.  Later, Man would use this creativity to learn ways to tap into Magic, but at first, he was magically inert.

"Meanwhile, Lucifer changed his name to Beelzebub or Satan.  He learned how to take on many new guises, and found he could still use his Magic to wreak havoc on Earth, but he only needed followers there.  This was no problem, for the temptations of his Dark Selfish Magic are difficult to resist.  From deep in Sheol, Beelzebub vowed to be the antithesis of the Creator, and do all that was in his power to warp and twist His Creation towards Evil.

"Beelzebub's spies told him about the newest Creation, Man.  He decided to take this Creation for his own, and twist it towards evil.  So he took the guise of a serpent and deceived the first Woman and Man.  Thus began Man's long journey towards destruction."

Dweezil's eyes get cold and hard.  "Do you know," he says in an angry voice, "the Creator's love is so great that He gave Man a chance for redemption and STILL they reject Him!  The Creator sent His Only Son to Earth to redeem mankind and do you know what they did?!?  THEY CRUCIFIED HIM!!!"  The satyr's fists are clenched in rage now.  "Mankind is NOT to be trusted!  Never trust a man!  They serve only self!"  Dweezil's eyes are smouldering now.  He takes a deep breath, and calms himself.  "I suppose you want me to get to the point," he says.

"Yes, please, your story is fascinating!" you urge.

Dweezil seems pleased by your compliment, and...

By:  tyrsia

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