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You decide to try to talk to the satyr.  "Hello," you say to him, "Do you know where we are?"

He looks at you with scornful eyes.  "Ah, a newcomer!" he exclaims in bitter sarcasm.  "How wonderful!  A newcomer to ask old Dweezil how to escape."

"I'm sorry..." you start, wondering if you've offended him.

But he rants on, heedless of your interjection.  "Oh how do we get out of here Dweezil?  You are a wise worldly satyr, tell us!  How do we get out?  I'll tell you!"  He is shouting madly now, "Yes, I'll tell you!  There is no escape!  NO ESCAPE!!!  We are trapped in the Dark Vortex's dungeon and we will stay here UNTIL WE ROT!!!!  Dweezil stops now, breathing hard, and leans back against the back of his cage, muttering to himself.

You gulp, and muster up some courage, then ask him another question, "How did we get here?" you ask.

Dweezil looks at you sharply through dull gray eyes.  "So you do not know," he says.  "Very well, I shall tell you the story of how we got here."  Dweezil sits cross-legged in his cramped cage, though it causes his knees to poke through the bars and appears to be quite uncomfortable.

Then, with a sigh, he begins his tale.  "Long ago there was magic in the world.  The Creator made many beings to inhabit His Creation, and gave each being a gift of their own special magic.  This magic was to be used to benefit Creation, and give glory to its Creator.  One of His Creatures learned that this magic had other uses as well.  One angel, in fact, who had been given the Magic of Music, learned how it could be used to sway other creatures and to glorify himself instead of the Creator.  His name at the time was Lucifer, but today he has many much less beautiful names.  Lucifer had discovered the Magic of Self, and began to use it to gain power and followers.

"The Creator knew of Lucifer's folly, and knew that it would eventually lead to his destruction.  So He pleaded with Lucifer to turn from the Ways of Self, and follow the Righteous Path once more, but Lucifer would not be dissuaded.  In fact, Lucifer proclaimed himself better than the Creator, and a Great War broke out.  During that war all of Creation was ravaged, and nearly all Magic was wiped out.  Only a few magical creatures remained, and they went into hiding.  Lucifer lost the war, and was banished to Sheol, the lake of fire, but his minions and followers still roam the Earth.  Lucifer took with him two-thirds of the Creatures as followers."

The satyr pauses here, and lets the weight of his story so far sink in.  You begin to feel this deep and interminable sorrow that exudes from Dweezil.

Then, the satyr...

By:  tyrsia

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