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You turn to talk to the fairy.  "Hello," you say, "What's your name?"

The fairy stirs, and looks at you with tiny mournful eyes.  "You may call me Prysm," she says in a high-pitched buzz of a voice, "But my True Name has been lost forever."

"What do you mean?" you ask, confused.

"He stole my name...the Dark Vortex stole my name, my magic, my entire being, but he left me this miserable, rotting life!"  Prysm's wings droop miserably and she sinks back to the ground.

"Wait," you coax, "Tell me more.  Who is this Dark Vortex?"

"You want his name?" Prysm asks scornfully.

"Well, yes," you reply hesitantly.

"Very well," she says, "I shall give it to you."  Her voice lowers to an almost inaudible squeaky whisper as she breathes the hideous name, "Dasreax."  You feel a cold creepy chill come over you as she says the name, like someone is watching you.  "Do not utter that name aloud," Prysm warns, "Unless you are prepared in mind and heart.  For names have power, and with that name you have the power to overcome the Dark Vortex--and the danger of becoming him."  Prysm turns away and lays on the floor of her cage again.  Her golden wings are folded under a mass of golden hair as she drifts away back into her miserable reverie.

What do you do now?

Certain episodes are password protected.  If you get prompt: fairy? enter the password: dasreax  Write it down so you don't forget!

By:  tyrsia

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