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You realize the danger you may face by taking your new companion through the forest, but you arenít even sure that the war-tunnels exist,. You grasp the heavy, cold handle of the gargantuine rod-iron gate, and pull. It wonít budge. You put both hands on the handle, and dig into the ground with your heels. You throw your entire body into it, and pull with all your strength, but no luck. The gate is stuck fast, rusted shut you suspect.

You turn to ask the woman for help, but she is nowhere to be seen. In her place stands the cat. Itís deep, icey eyes seem to pierce you, it possesses an almost supernatural aura. As you stand eyeing each other, you hear a wicked laugh in the distance, then, before your very eyes the small cat transforms into a huge, black panther. The eyes become a deep fiery red, and its teeth become large, racer-sharp fangs. The sleek black coat shimmers in the light of the moon, and you realize your foolishness in trusting the woman. You remember Shal Kariís words about her:

ďShe is an experienced sorceress and seductrous. She has no feelings, no emotions, and no heart. The witch is cold, dark, and evil, and she wonít hesitate to kill you just for her own sadistic pleasure. Please, please, donít fall into her schemes, donít trust her at all. Get in, kill her, and get back out. Have no contact with her, donít say a word, and whatever you do, donít look into her eyes.Ē

You remember her eyes, they were the most gorgeous, shimmering emerald green you had ever seen. They had appeared so innocent, so full of love and fear, but they had betrayed you, and now, their owner was trying to kill you, for you are quite sure that the woman brought you to the rusted gate on purpose to trap you, so that she could use her spells and her cat to kill you. You feel sick, heart-broken, and most of all, terrified.

You remember that you are an assacin after all, you should be able to kill a big cat, but for some reason your heart doesnít believe what your brain is telling you, and you feel utter despair. You do have some weapons. On your back you are carrying a blow gun with 4 poison darts and a crossbow. On your side you have a quiver of 12 arrows, and a double-bladed sword. Indignantly, you decide not to let this witch and her demon cat defeat you.

By: James Dean

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