Your decision is not a difficult one.  You need only to take one look into those deep, emerald eyes to realize that you must take this woman to your personal hideaway.  Just to be in her presence makes you feel as if allowing her life to be snuffed out would be like suicide; a crime against your own soul.  You know to save her, you must share the deepest part of yourself with her.  You reach out and take her hand in yours, and silently lead her out of the room.

Stopping only once (to pick up the cat) you walk stealthily together to the castleís exit.  You feel as if there is a natural bond between you.  Itís as if she possesses some special charisma that draws you to her.  Maybe this could be the antidote to the deep loneliness youíve lived with for so long.  Could this eccentric beauty be something special?  The friend youíve never had, the soul-mate youíve longed for?  In an instant you know that you could and would give your life for this woman.  For your life to be complete she must survive.

You are abruptly jolted out of your deep thought when you reach the exit of the castle.  The forest outside the gate appears so foreboding, but the only other alternative is to use a system of underground tunnels that had been dug years earlier for use in a vicious revolution.  The maze is sure to be filled with the gory remnants of war, and it is said to be haunted by spirits of fallen
soldiers.  As if this isnít bad enough, you are not even positive that the tunnels are still intact.

By:  James Dean

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