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You cautiously open the wardrobe door.  This will be a good place to hide!  Peter, Susan and Edmund will never find you here!  You carefully close it, but not all the way--you don't want to get stuck in there.

You are surrounded by the softest fur coats!  You feel a crunching beneath your shoes and the smell of mothballs wafts up to your nose.  You smile and retreat further into the wardrobe.  This thing is huge!

The soft fur feel begins to turn prickly, and the mothball crunch changes to something different.  You realize its freezing, and there's something wet falling in your hair--snow!  Puzzled, you keep going until you come out of the woods.

You see a rather out of place looking lamppost in front of you, and a small clearing on which there appears to be a path.  A small cold winter sun reflects the snow into your eyes, and you are freezing!  But, the last time you remember being outside, it was summer!  You wonder where you are.  Then...

By:  tyrsia

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